How do I configure payments plan with Moneris?


Recurring Payments

Here you may configure whether you want to your participants to make one full payment, or pay in recurring installments. 

Selecting the recurring payment option will allow you to enter the Minimal amount to be eligible for such option to be available to the user, as well as the amount of the First payment, followed by the number of equal payments on a specific day of the month.

Existing payment methods will appear in the drop-down menu.

Here you will find all of the payment plan already setup, you can click on Modify to edit them or view all of the details.
Adding a new recurring payments plan
In order to add a new recurring payments plan click on "+ Add"

Here are the fields of the modification form for the plans:
  • From: is the minimum amount for this tier and is included in this tier.
  • To: is the maximum amount for this tier and is not included in this tier.
  • Minimum Amount at registration: is used to set the amount of the first payment due. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Type: is used to determine the method in which recurring payments will be calculated. It can by number of payments (Fixed) or using the activity’s end date (Activity end date).
  • Max no. of payments: is used to determine the number of payments that will be made and thereby the amount of each recurring payment. This field is only used when "Fixed" is selected in the Type field.
  • Recurrence interval: is used to determine the interval between payments.
  • First recurrence day: is used to determine the date of the first payment after registration. All subsequent payments will be withdrawn on the same day of the month, if the recurrence is set to occur monthly.

While you can create as many payments as necessary, our advice is to have one payment setting per season. This is done for two reasons:

  1. It will help your accounting
  2. When a client purchases multiple activities, and those activities all contain different payment configurations, only the first setting will be applied to the invoice.

The plans are only available for you customers when they select to make a payment using their credit cards. Note that nothing stops you from creating plans in the user account of your customer whit cheque.

Remove a payment plan:

In order to Remove a payment plan just click on the Delete button, it is important to note that the last plan created will be deleted.



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