How do I view financial reports and statistics?

Reports and statistics are available for download under the Finance tab.


To generate a report

  • Go to the Old Reports tab
  • Set the date range you want to generate the report for. Some reports allow you to set a time along with the date - you can do so by clicking on the clock icon at the bottom of the calendar, like so: 

  • Select the type of report you wish to generate. 

Note: Some reports cannot be exported beyond a maximum date interval. Please refer to the warning icon in the app. (Reports from years past can still be downloaded, as long as the date interval is respected.)


Reports available

For the current Program

Reports by date interval

Choose a start date and end date that best suits your needs. To include the transactions of the last day you must select the following calendar day as the end date.

  • Summary of awarded promotions

Status reports

These reports are generated in real time to the current date.

  • Information on the activities of the program
  • Nominal incoms per activity
  • Participants by location
  • Email addresses of participants
  • Registration information

For entire organization

The data in these reports are for your entire organization. You may select information per user that processed the operation.

Reports by date interval

  • Revenues and receipts summary
  • End of shift report
  • Sales summary
  • Rebates and extra fees not linked to a Promotion
  • Membership sales and cancellations by date
  • Breakdown of revenues (invoice items and credit notes)
  • Receipt details (payments, refunds)
  • Breakdown of combined revenues and receipts
  • Postdated and preauthorized payment status

Reports by specific date

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts with expected credit balance
  • Active members


The Statistics module allows you to generate a summary of the current state of a particular program, in comparison to the overall state of your organization. All information appears in real time. 

Program Statistics


  • Participants: The number of participants who are registered for activities in your program at that moment. 
  • Accounts: Number of accounts created. 
  • Archived accounts: Number of archived accounts.


Organization Statistics


  • Participants: The number of participants who are registered for activities in all your programs. 
  • Accounts: Number of accounts created. 
  • Active memberships: All active memberships across your Store.
  • Potential clients: People that filled out a form but did not register to any activity. 
  • Total number of clients:All participants, members, and new clients in your organization.
  • Archived accounts: Number of archived accounts.

The amount of income you earned so far, either through a registration, selling memberships, invoices and any other additional charges directly made to a client's file. This includes any amounts not received offline.

  • Gross income: Total revenue minus cost of activities sold
  • Credits: The sum of all manual discounts or promotions given at the time of registration or done manually by an administrator. 
  • Net income: The total revenue minus gross income and credits. 
  • Receivable: The sum of the amounts owed by all participants enrolled in activities. 
  • Payable: The sum of any money you owe to customers and are pending reimbursement.

All of this information is also available under Statistics is also available under the Reports tab. The Statistics module is an overview to help you keep track of your subscriptions easily and in real time. 

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