How do I link Amilia to my site?

What's the best way to make sure you direct your clients to Amila? You can link Amilia to your site in a few different ways!



You can select from an array of colors to match your branding, set a language (currently available in English and French), select an icon and enter your own text.

  • Go to Account > Options > Link to Amilia. There are two types of buttons:
    • App Login - Redirects users to Amilia login screen
    • Catalog/Store - Sends users to your online Amilia Store.
  • Click on View the HTML code.
  • Choose a color, language, and icon
  • Enter the text that will appear on the button
  • Copy the generated code to your website

Once you have installed the button, customers will be redirected from your site to Amilia!



You can also embed your Amilia online store into your website through what is called an iframe. Your customers will be able to browse your Amilia store, log in, register, and pay, all while remaining on your site!

  • First, make sure that the address of your site is registered under ACCOUNT > MAIN INFORMATION in the Other Informations section, at the bottom.

  • The iframe must be included on a page of this domain, otherwise it will not load.
  • Follow instructions on the page, or learn more here


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