FAQ regarding the Fitness and Arts Tax Credit receipts

How to determine at which parent or guardian the statement will be issued?

It is not possible to divide the amount of that type of receipts. It will simply be issued on behalf of the Account owner.

Why some activities are not listed as eligible at Step 1 ?

Make sure that all desired activities are listed as Eligible in their Edition.

What happen when the child has reached the age of 17 during the tax year ?

In accordance to the Canadian Revenue Agency:

"The child must have been under 16 years of age or under 18 years of age if eligible for the disability amount at the beginning of the year in which an eligible fitness expense was paid."

Verify the child's age. If the child is over 16, the receipt will be empty.

What to do when no date of birth was entered ?

Demand the information from the client, modify the account and regenerate the tax receipt. 

The total amount paid for eligible activities exceeds $ 500 for the year. Why is the receipt in the amount of $ 500?

Under the new federal government legislation, the total allowable amount per year, per child, is now $ 500. The receipt will therefore not reflect more than this amount, regardless of the amount paid.

Can we generate a receipt when the child is no longer registered to the Activity ?

You can generate receipts for partial participation by managing unsubscriptions at the Step 3.

Will a receipt be issued if payments were not made in the taxation year ?

If payments are entered after December 31st, the balance will be eligible for the following taxation year. The only way to fix this is by generating a receipt manually (offline).

Why is the amounts listed for each child in the same family do not correspond to the amounts that have been paid for each child ?

This happens when the balance in the account has not been paid in full.

When the cost of Activities and the amount paid are not the same, tthe amounts paid are divided in proportion to each activity. Payments are not specifically associated with an Activity, but rather to all invoices in the client's file when payment is entered. If more than one child is enrolled in existing Activities eligible for tax receipt, and the entire bill is not paid, the amount for each child will not match.


A is enrolled in an Activity that cost $ 200.00
B is enrolled in an Activity that cost $ 100.00

Payment is received the customer's account for a total of $ 200.00 

A receipt will be generated for amount of $ 133.34 (0.666% of the amount paid will be awarded to A)
B will receive the amount of $ 66.66 (0.333% of the amount paid will be awarded to B)

I modified a statement, how will the government know which is the correct one?

All modified statements have a watermark indicating they have been updated. The clients can without problem use these statements for their tax declarations.

The receipts are not visible in my client's accounts. Why?

Once you produced all your receipts, you must absolutely click on the tab  so that they are present in your clients accounts, under the tab DOCUMENTS.


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