FAQ regarding the RL-24 Tax Credit

How to indicate to which parent or guardian the RL-24 should be issued?

In the child's client account, expand the Contacts section. Add the parent(s) to receive the statement. You will be given the opportunity to indicate whether the parent must receive 100% or 50% of the statement. If there is no respondent, the statement will be made on behalf of the Account owner.

Some activities are not on the list of eligible activities in Step 1. Why?

Make sure all desired activities are listed as eligible. Please refer to the following documentation: How to configure the settings of the organization and activities to produce RL-24

Some customers have an eligible partial amount, following a cancellation. Can I still produce their statement?

Certainly ! You can manage all exceptions in Step 3 of the process. For more information on this matter: Generate RL-24 for partial unsubscriptions- Step 3 

The number of days or the number of weeks do not match, why?

When editing the activity, it is important to enter a start day with the start time and an end day with the end time, so that the days or weeks are calculated accordingly by Amilia. Also check if you checked the stated right declared time.

A message tells me that the social insurance number is missing, what should I do?

Under the new government legislation, no RL-24 can be issued if the social insurance number is not present. If the client refuses to enter his or her SIN on the platform, you can create a manual receipt or send proof of registration and payment to the client for include in his or her tax return.

I received a payment after December 31 of the applicable tax year, can I still generate all of the RL-24 for the tax year in which the activity took place?

Yes, what matters is not when the payment is made, but when the Activity took place. As long as the schedule is in the tax year, payments can be entered later.

If I sent statements electronically and I make changes later, what should I do to resend the modified statements?

Once all steps are completed and your statements forwarded to Revenu Quebec, you can manually edit reports. You will have to send them back to Revenu Quebec.

To do this, refer to the section EDIT A RL-24 here: Once you Generated your RL-24

The RL-24s are not visible in my client's accounts. Why?

Once the statements are validated by Revenue Quebec, you must absolutely click on the tab  so that they are present in your clients accounts, under the tab DOCUMENTS.

Some clients did not received their RL-24 by email. What can I do?

They may have received their statement in their SPAM box. It may also be that the sending has been completely blocked, since it is an automated one. To this end, the customers must have accepted sending from our platform. We can also conduct audits on our side. Note that the client will still have access to his RL-24s in his Amilia account, under the DOCUMENTS tab. You will also be able to download it in its account in administrator mode, under the DOCUMENTS tab, and send it by email out of the platform.


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