Export Client Information

The Export feature is now more flexible than ever. It allows you to export what you see on screen or a complete list of all the account owners (in the Accounts tab) or participants (in the People tab).  

In Clients > Accounts > Operations, two options are available:  

  • Account Contacts – An Excel spreadsheet will be generated containing the contact information for all account owners. Regardless of what is selected on screen, this will include all account owners. 
  • Export – An Excel spreadsheet will be generated with two tabs, one containing children (which should technically be empty, since account owners should be adults), and one for adults. It will contain additional information, including, for instance, the account creation date, the notes and other details. This option will give you a choice to export only your selection or all account owners. 

 In Clients > People > Operations, there are also two possibilities:  

  • All participants – Use this if you need to export all participants (adults and children) on a single tab. Only the contact information will be included.  
  • Export – Use this feature to export all the answers provided to your registration form for every selected participant. 
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