How do I create groups?

To divide your clients by groups, navigate to the Activities tab, click on an activity name, and click on Groups.

Random group creation

You can create groups at random by using the Random Group Creation Assistant. You can choose to create groups at random with no particular criteria, or you can choose a filter. This is particularly useful when assigning groups of participants to a trainer or team leader.

Creating personalized groups

To create personalized groups, click on Add new group next to the Unassigned persons box.

You will be able to drag and drop names to different groups as you create them.

Creating groups using the "Pairing with a friend" option

The option Pairing with a friend is available for children signing up to an Activity, in case they wish to be paired up for another Participant. Keep in mind, linking friends is only available if both Participants are signed up.

Linking friends
To link friends, navigate to the Clients tab > Pers. Info. > and click on a client name.

  • On the left hand side under Operations you will see the option Link friends.
  • Select the pairing friend from the drop-down available. Remember to hit Save at the bottom of the page.

When you create your Groups, the pairing will appear available, ensuring that the children are not separated.

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