Show date of birth for user in clients tab

The following request is from Dana Callan of Cheer Sport Sharks (dana@cheersportsharks.com)

We run a cheerleading gym and I am looking for an option to be added on the home screen of the clients view (in the kids) where it can say what their age is as of August 31st. Instead of having to click on "clients" then "account members" then "personal info" where it simply says the year, month and date of birth. We would like it to say on the home page when clicking on the child how old they are as of August 31st (i.e. 12 years, 6 years etc. . .) We have roughly over 1000 athletes and it is much easier for us to be able to click on their account and see it right away, instead of having to make 3 - 4 separate click to find out what their date of birth is, then calculate how old they are as of Augsut 31st.

Perhaps there can be an option to show the date of birth as of a certain date that the client can choose, so that it is not limited to only August 31st. 


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    Samantha Postlethwaite Official comment

    Hi Jamie, 

     Thanks for sharing Dana's request!

    It's definitely something i'll share with the product team. If we can minimize the number of clicks to achieve a desired result, we're all for it. 

    I will update this request when I receive feedback from the team!

    Hope to see Dana visit our community and share some more great ideas :) 


    Kind Regards, 


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    Olivia Dykes


    This would be really helpful! One of the things on my long list of urgent improvement requests! The child's age is really important for us to know as their class defers depending on this.


    Olivia Dykes 

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