Cancellations and Promotions

Crystal Collins

Cygnus Gymnastics


It would make it a lot easier if when canceling one sibling, Amilia automatically picks up on the sibling discount and charges it back to the account within the same invoice when cancelling, or to perhaps give the administrator the option of whether they want the discount to be removed.

It's a bit confusing at times, even for support agents to figure out when a CX is getting charged at the time of refund $158.60 instead of $154 and to sure the CX is getting the correct amount refunded back.


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    Nathalie Parmentier Official comment

    Hi Jamie, 

    Thanks for passing on the suggestion.

    I'd like to learn more about this need - in what instance would an administrator like to choose not to revoke a promotion when an item is being cancelled? Is it common to still offer a discount when the reason the discount was provided (in this case, a multi-person discount) no longer applies?


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    Jamie Guerin

    I would add that perhaps the ability for admins to determine whether they want the promotion to automatically be revoked when an activity is cancelled might be an interesting option. 

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