Adding GST /PST to Invoices

It would be very helpful if, when you create an invoice and click "taxes not Included", a box that allows you to select "applicable taxes" wold be available.  Our business creates several types of invoices. Those that have GST & PST (clothing) and those that just have GST (additional class fees). At the moment there is no way to have only GST added to an invoice and this is causing our book-keeper a lot of stress.


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    Nathalie Parmentier Official comment

    Hi June,

    We recently made an improvement in the Client Billing section that allows the admin to specify which taxes should be applied to the invoice 

    Hope that helps! Thanks for the suggestion

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    Stephanie Starchuck

    further to this, can the option to apply tax to the program be determined according to the age of the participant? For all-ages programs, adults are charged HST, but children are HST-exempt.

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