Staff Scheduling

1) Ability to add time to staff all staff typically will start 15 or 20 minutes before and finish 15 or 20 minutes after for opening and closing shifts and the like.
2) punch in/out system 
3) also if ability to add different rates would be great....all our staff make different rates depending on what they are doing
With these added we could do away with our other staff scheduling system completely!


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    A clock in/out feature would be great - staff will generally work longer shifts than the actual program start and end time;  doing preparation work, general communication or other duties as assigned. We allow staff to do prep work on their own schedule, and would like to be able to track the time spent working on a program outside of the program delivery.

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    Chris Pugh

    You could use the Access Management module to track when a staff arrived and when they left. this would account for any time outside of where they are scheduled.

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