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When will the option be available for users to have non-binary gender options available? Our clients include trans* and non-gender-conforming individuals, and we would like to see, at the very least, an "other" option when choosing gender on the registration form, if not an option to self-identity.

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    Nathalie Parmentier Commentaire officiel

    Many of our customers have expressed the need to avoid forcing their customers from selecting male or female as a gender. As a result, we have adapted our platform to remove forced prompts for gender. The configuration flexibility continues to exist, but it is no longer a default setting.

    Read on to learn about how we now handle gender in Amilia: https://support.amilia.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025753212-Gender-in-Amilia

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    Samantha Postlethwaite

    Hello Alida, 

     We are aiming to include a different gender option other than 'male' and/or 'female' however it's not as simple of a process as first thought. For example, many things are linked to the 'gender' of an individual, such as restrictions on activities, the little person icon next to the name of the individual etc. etc.  So in introducing a new option we also need to address & configure other areas of the platform that will be affected, which is why we don't yet see this enhancement. 

    Rest assured that we are looking into it and I will be updating your request as soon as I have received more information :)  I appreciate you taking the time to reach out on our community. These suggestions only make us better!

    Kind Regards, 


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    Alida Lowe

    Hi --

    Is this any closer to being completed? We're starting to get our next set of registrations ready, and in 2018, it seems quite tone-deaf to lack various gender options for our members.


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    Is there a way to "turn off" the gender question altogether? If there isn't a way to make this non-binary, then we would rather omit it altogether, especially since this is not an essential question for us.

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    Victor Ducedre

    Agreed, this should be a completely optional field. Given that it's now been 19 months since the Official comment was posted, surely some progress has been made on this front.

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    Nyla DuBois

    I signed on with amilia with the hopes of launching my registration mid November. No platform is perfect (I've tried several) especially because my business has so many facets. But amilia is easy to use and has most of what I need plus some extra things I didn't need but are very nice to have. So I was pretty happy. But a couple weeks ago I did a test before going live, signed up my child for one of my classes. And I found the VERY first question is "what gender are you?" which immedietly put me in a panic because I figured if it was one of the first questions it must be a pretty intrinsic part of the program, like a major building block...in my non programmer speak ;). And as I dug deeper I saw that it is indeed. And per your comments above I understand it's not a quick fix. However, I have not gone live with my registration yet in part because I can't have that as the first question. I just can't. Not in this climate and not with gender non-conforming children in my program who's parent I know struggle with this every day. In Massachusetts it's a huge topic with a big fight that just happened over repealing a non discrimination law. Im personally not impressed with where identity politics has taken the US and Canada BUT this isn't political....I'm running a business and this is bad for business!

    Ive been grappling with whether or not to go back to my old system. It may seem silly but it's really not. Because I haven't even been able to unveil amilia to my employees yet as they would he horrified. On the flip side I completely understand that for Amilia it's a huge task to rework a fundamental building block. I really do understand that.

    So...I propose you write some sort of note, letter, disclaimer about the issue that we can post or link to regarding acknowledgment of the issue and that it is important and will be resolved. The ONLY way I can use the system is if I do so myself on my website registration page but I strongly suggest you take inniative here.

    I've done almost 15 trials of registration software over the past year searching for anything not custom that suits even 70% of my needs. And I can say Amilia is THE only one I've tried that either asks about gender or doesn't make it an option to ask. I'm inclined to think it was simply an oversight on Amilia part because it's an easy way to do a base level categorization. I get that! But it's not good for business and HAS to be addressed.

    Again, if the fix is not near (or even if it is) please address this in writing so we can link to it.


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    Clare Rogers


    Just wondering if there has been any change since the official comment of April 2017. That is almost 2 years ago and as a new Amilia member we were really hoping there would be movement on that.

    It's 2019 people, gender questions are not cool.


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    Alexis Philippe

    While a lot as changed at Amilia since April 2017, our concern about the original design of gender forms hasn't.

    Thank you everyone for your generous insights and feedback. We absolutely understand your concerns, and appreciate the traction it gained in the community. Providing gender non-binary options is a critical feature in today's day and age, and you have the support of many passionate Amilians to bring this feature to life.

    On the product development side, we have recently completed most of the technical research into the infrastructural impacts that non-binary gender options will have on the Amilia platform. It may seem like a small fix, however it actually involves some major architectural updates to our back-end which will take time. We are aiming to kick off development early 2019, and hoping to finish the job within a few weeks of starting.

    Thank you all once again for your input. Please continue to reach out to our product team via this board with any additional concerns & feedback. We will keep you updated as we go.

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    Bryarly McEachern

    I agree with the call for the gender question to be optional and for it to be more nuanced. At the very least, can the answers be male/female/other? As an administrator I would also like to be able to turn it off on the form.

    The question of how the child wants to be referred to, which pronoun they wish to be used, is also important: 

    She/her, He/his, They/their


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