Waiver for those not Registering (Party Guests, etc)

It would be helpful to be able to have people agree to our waiver in Amilia without having to register for a program.  Being able to put a link on our website that would go right to that waiver, which would then be stored in Amilia once completed. 

People that are guests at a birthday, or are coming for a field trip are not registering for a program, but we would still need a waiver. Doing it with an outside company is another cost (for a small business those add up) and not efficient as we then have them stored in a different site.

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    Marie-Lune Brisebois Commentaire officiel

    Hi Tracey and Tara!

    You'll be happy to know that we are working on a Stand alone Forms feature, who will allow your organization to send Forms and Waivers to their clients, without having to go through the check out. You'll be able to do a quick check out for them and also track the completion of their forms.

    This is an ongoing project. We can contact you when it will be available for Beta testing, so you'll have the opportunity to give us your feedback before the launch.

    Hoping it,s meeting your expectations.



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    Tara Jacob

    A built-in waiver record keeping system would also be very useful for us! We also use a separate website for this service and it would be very useful if Amilia offered it.

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    Karl Pinnock

    Any update on this. It's exactly what I need. 

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